Vision Statement:

To inspire and empower individuals, communities, and future entrepreneurs to create the greatest version of themselves that will lead and inspire the world.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to enable people to become business owners by providing innovative tools and resources needed to achieve one’s goals and dreams.

About Us:

When you see our company name “The New U”, it kind of sounds like we are in the business of motivational speaking or coaching.  Shhh!  We secretly are.  However, in fact, we are a full digital marketing and advertising agency.  The New U was created to guide, motivate, and provide people with the tools and resources necessary for them to create the greatest version of themselves while accomplishing their goals. 

Throughout this journey, we realized there are so many people who dream of starting their own business or have a business, but they have lost the drive because they are not seeing any results.  Most companies are so focused on selfish agendas but forget about the human side of the equation.  Owning a business can be very stressful and discouraging at times.  Especially, when you have to wear so many hats throughout your day-to-day tasks. Why not do business with an agency who is genuinely focused on your business and personal growth.  Let us handle all of your marketing and advertising needs.

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Tenesha White
Founder / President